About us

His first carBorn and raised in his parent’s nursery and garden centre, Mark also started in the same business. Still very young, he bought his own car, stocked it up with plants and went to sell everything at the market. He started out with one market a week, then a second and a third until he even had 6 in the end. The car was first replaced by a van with its own signs and soon after by a truck and trailer. Mark even took over from his parents and did everything, the nursery as well as the garden centre. And the business did well and flourished…

The Flower nurseryStill, there were also times during the winter period with little to do because of the weather (which is very important when one is outdoors at the markets everyday). And it was also in that period that one of Mark’s colleagues asked him if he would be interested in helping them to sell flower bulbs at a few fairs in Germany. Of course Mark was interested. It was something different, a new challenge – in another country and in another language, every week in a different city; that sure sounded interesting and exciting. And that it really was – a lot of fun!! After a while of helping out, Mark thought to himself: ‘I can do that on my own’ and signed up for his first own exhibition. Shortly after, he even met the woman of his dreams at one of these fairs and they teamed up.

At the fairTogether they travelled the markets and fairs in Germany until they heard about this one show – far away and where none of the competitors with flower bulbs had ever been. And yes, they took the risk, loaded up the truck and went on their way to that show…What a success!
After that they had to make a decision on how to go on, because they simply had too much work – with the markets and the nursery and the garden centre on the one hand, and the fairs and exhibitions abroad on the other. So they decided to concentrate fully on the fairs abroad!

And that is how we got to where we are now, many years later, travelling all year round, all over Europe. We exhibit at the biggest international fairs in a lot of capitals and other big cities and we speak 5 languages. Yes, we can proudly say that we have grown to become a successful and fertile company – literally!!! Our family (with in the meantime 4 healthy children) as well as our product (the flower bulbs that we sell): everything is growing and blooming splendidly!!! Go on and have a look at our gallery where you can admire the most beautiful flowers (that we sell as bulbs) – out of our own garden or the ones of our dear customers who have been ‘oh so happy’ with our product for so many years.

At this point we also would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers for their trust in us all these years and hope to continue for many more. To a long future together!!!

Yours truly,
Mark and Kathrin (Dijkhof)

Photo of the group